Hayato Kanayama


Graduate school of Economics, Waseda university

I am a PhD student in Graduate school of Economics, Waseda university. My research interests lie primarily in the areas of Labor Economics and Personnel Economics. My current research investigates the relationship between socializing and promotion on the firm and Another research focus is the labor supply heterogeneity of minimum wage effect on the labor markets.


Research Interest

  • Labor Economics
  • Personnel Economics
  • Public Economics


Work in progress

  • Minimum wage hikes and the heterogeneity of Labor supply in Japan
  • Dynamics of Unemeployment Insurance and Public Assistance under COVID-19 (with Michihito Ando and Masato Furuichi)
  • The returns to workplace schmoozing with boss in the firm(with Yuji Kawata and Ritsu Kitagawa


Contact Information

  • ha13yato [at] toki.waseda.jp

(2024-04-17 update )